Tokyo Dawn Labs

Have been using their plugins exclusively, been searching for good *(and not so expensive) transient shaper, but re-visited TDR Nova, what a tool! and that can do miracles on single hits, using expansion method per band… I love it! :heart_eyes:
Just wanted to remind you guys that with free version, you can do miracles as well…
Kotelnikov is amazing too, limiter, slick eq M(mastering edition) can be used on individual channels as well, so good control of width… I just need a good versatile reverb… :sunny:
Amazing tools

Limitation of demo is not being able to save preset, so you can use it by resampling breaks/ sounds etc… but non GE are completely free.
What’s your opinion on those plugins by TDL?

I’ll post a link if that’s okay, if not i 'll remove it

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Here is a simple drum kick resampling i just did

  • I know that it’s about taste here, but you can make thumpy kick drum out of random drum break.

  • Even more possibilities by layering same with envelope differences for subby-boom, and for 100-170hz thump (with shorter decay for example) (which i didn’t do in this short soundcloud clip)

It is amazing. Nice work there.Use soundcloud downloader for high quality audio processors. Good thing you shared with everyone.Thanks for that.

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Just to let you know that i’ve just purchased their eq bundle for 60$
Slick EQ GE and Slick EQ M . (and after 10 minutes i bought kotelnikov GE too :P)
i’m so excited!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: