tone and semitone bending


When I’m writing songs, I often use pitch bending up/down (1xx - 2xx effect) but I still can’t figure out which is the correct value to bend a whole or semi-tone. I mean, in fasttracker and modplug you can 103 or 203 to ben bend up/down a semitone and 106 or 206 to bend up/down a whole tone, and so on with semitone interval = 3 because you chose to subdivide the beat in 6 ticks. Now in Renoise with the beat ticks set to 6, the bending aren’t correctly pitched with 103 or 106…what is the variation range of the pitch bending effects?

thank you! ;)

anyone answering me? :(

shortly…how to pitch up/down EXACTLY a semi/whole tone?

I might not be answering your question exactly but… if you want to pitchbend to a note you can also use the 05xx Glide to note command. My guess is you probably already knew this, but maybe you don’t :D


ok, Rick, thank you, I’ll try that! :)