Too Long Filenames Under Windows

hi, since I’ve made this update in Overtune which causes all settings to be saved into the samples name, I have problems with too long filenames pretty quickly (under windows only, made much more complicated formulas without a problem on linux). the error is like in this report. The annoying thing about it is that Renoise won’t have any trouble with it until the song is closed and then loaded back up again. I recovered the loading process of the song (result now is, the whole song is loaded but every sample with too long a name is discarded.) by going into Song.xml and changing the relevant sample name there to just ‘O’ (of course not the best solution because, now I can’t adjust my original snare formula no mo) and renaming the old .flac in the zip to Sample00_O.flac. Wouldn’t it be easier, since most important names are in the .xml anyways, to just name samples “Sample00.flac” in the xrns zip?
Anyway I know this is just plain annoying MS with their limited partition tables and stuff… but I’m aggrevated now because I apparently can’t do this easy stuff that I could on linux.

Doesn’t mxb also use this storing trick in his synth tools, how does he circumvent the problem?

You can also decide not to store characters but simply figure values only.
Renoise could use the SFN trick to shorten files names by giving them a MYVERYL~1.FLAC SFN equivalent.
But i suspect the XRNI structure should then contain two name entries in the XML schema. Filename and displayname.