Too Many Controllers -> Usb Hub Suggestion?

on the laptop I use to play live I just have two usb ports. At the moment I’m using just one controller and an usb soundcard, but in the near future I’m thinking to buy other stuff, for example a Novation Nocturn. Then sometimes I feel the need of the mouse instead of the trackpad and I’d like to experiment with my tablet as a x/y device. Now, I think I’m not the only one with this problem. So, do you have any particular suggestion for a good usb hub? The only feature I can think of is that it needs to be a self-powered hub, but, then, is there any good model in terms of speed, low latency and so on?


My only suggestion is don’t put the USB soundcard on the hub, only the controllers.

I use this one, it’s not cheap but it is good. My audio interface is connected to it, along with my mouse, keyboard and midi controller, without any problems. I’m not sure if there is any difference between different hubs in terms of speed/latency. The main difference I notice between this one and the two cheap ones I used before, is that this one doesn’t generate an alarming amount of heat. It also looks better, and the two connectors on top are very handy.

I tried to use a hub once but it can’t provide enough power for anything exept my mouse :( (running on a macbook)
How did you manage to get all that working through a hub?

if you have a pci slot in your laptop, you could get a relatively cheap usb card to slot in there.

Was the one you tried powered? (Did it have its own AC adapter?) If not, it doesn’t really surprise me, laptops usually don’t have powerful USB ports. Power was the main reason I decided to invest in a good, but relatively expensive one. But even the cheaper powered models should work with more than a mouse.

Hmm I’ve got a macbook. Maybe I should check if I can let them build in some more USB ports…

Make sure you get a powered USB HUB, or else you might get trouble powering them all…

I own one of these:

(double check the plug type)

it does the job very well and was cheap… I paid 12$ I think… dealextreme always have free international shipping, however it’s slow… expect 3-5 weeks, maybe more!

Thanks, great site :D

This one i have, works great:

But those dealextreme ones are cheaper…

Can those things be used in Europe? I see those 110V connectors which won’t work here…

You might want to browse dealextreme a bit more, I know they have several version of each usb hub, different depending on where you live… When I ordered mine I almost ordered the wrong one.