"too Much Unused Space" In Instrument Plugin Window

This is bothering me for a while…

see what I mean?

hm, expand the folders? B)
No, but really - I think this only applies for Windows versions. On my Mac, the window resizes down to its contents, which is nice.
On my windows machine on the other hand, that list is full and I have to even scroll inside. I like the “show shortnames” function though, keeps the list neat and just one-click away from launching a plug, instead of clicking the folders back and forth…

right click in the list > show short names

maybe you like that better, not sure ;]

I’m aware of that.

But look; even in that mode:

why all the unused space? see what I mean now?

you just need more plugins to fill it up =)

To remind you that you don’t have enough plugins yet :P