Tool - 10 000 Days Album

found this stuff on the net concerning this fantastic album.

didn’t know if you people knew this. But, If you burn both Viginti Tres followed by Wings for marie … Then, play that track as one with 10,000 days as another track and play both at the same time, Both Wings for Marie AND 10,000 days sync ! It is incredible ! It is like an 8 piece band but it all FLOWS ! It flows like one song… It is the most unique and incredible thing I have ever heard in my life… BadA$$ ! The vocals, drums, the guitar riffs, everything flows ! Both songs get heavy at the same point at 9 minutes and 14 seconds in, it is magical ! This band synched tracks !

They synched them in testament to Maynard’s mother passing to sound like an 8 piece band… The vocals wisp back and forth almost like a conversation during the sync… It’s UNREAL !

Tool meant these tracks to synch… If you look at the track times, “10,000 days” is 11 mins and 13 seconds long… When you add the track times of “Viginti Tres” and “Wings for Marie” it adds up to 11:13 as well… Look at the album cover ! There are 3 faces with one in the front… This SICK band meant for all three tracks to play as one song for the self-title track “10,000 days” . Freaky !!

By the way, “Viginti Tres” means the number 23 in Latin . 23 is the number of synchronicity . And nothing is more synchronous than hearing the tracks mixed as I described … Everything Tool writes is for a reason. These aren’t merely interludes and fillers this band puts between songs. All their tracks have a meaning and there’s a reason why they are there … They are truly a one of a kind band like no other.

/ i have actually tried this out, and it works… like a hidden level on super mario :D

this is the most incredible sentence i have read in a while :)

but when i read through the post entirely i finally undersood what you were saying :)

i haven’t wrote whats under the picture…
don’t shoot the messenger. LOL

sharing is caring. :o

:D no no, i wount

it would be interesting to listen to that indeed

also don’t forget about the dark side of oz … coincidence? i think not

I have a much easier way to listen to it!

Go to the 10.000 days track, press

(Fast Forward)
<< (Fast Backward)
(Fast Forward)
<< (Fast Backward)






Just like in super mario!

No but seriously, That sounds awesome, it’s like some coded message inside the album, and I’m seriously gonna check it out

EDIT: The little critters of nature, they don’t know that they’re ugly! That’s very funny! The fly marrying the bumblebee!.. I told you I’d shoot, but you didn’t believe me! Why didn’t you believe me!?

tool rocks. back in my rock-fan-days it was one of my favourate bands, now I am not listening to much of rock, but it still is in my hall of fame next to radiohead, deus, slipknot … strange mix, I know but these are simply bands that managed to make something far, far out from the usually very good mapped waters of “rockmusic”.

Never heard of tool but gonna check them out some more now :)