Tool 2.7: Parametername

A tool for finding the name (and index) of a vsti parameter. This is so you can find the right entry in the list of parameters in the instrument automation device.

Step 1: Right click the instrument in the instrument box and choose ParameterName Save State
Step 2: Move one parameter in the vsti
Step 3: Right click ParameterName Show Changed
Step 4: Read Name of parameter, Nr (index in the list of parameters with exactly the same name), and Index (index in list of all parameters), in the status bar (lower left)

Saving state and finding changes can take a couple of seconds. I just loop through the list of all parameters for an instrument with a for loop. If anyone knows a quicker way let me know. I noticed that Sytrus redraws itself when I go through and compare the list of parameters, not a big problem but if anyone know why let me know.

This looks interesting…