Tool (3.1): Alias Identical Slots

Alias Identical Slots

Menu item in the Pattern matrix that will scan the selected slots for identical patterntracks and make them aliases.



  • Speed improvement.

  • When 0 (1) slots are selected, it will act is if all slots are selected.

  • Renamed the tool to a more correct name.


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Nice work! :) Thank you!


awesome,thank you!

I don’t get it. What exactly does it do?

It turns identical patterntracks into aliases. I e, if you select all slots in the pattern matrix it will do it for the whole song.

Most of us (?) are used to copy/pasting patterns and tracks in the pattern editor (not working very much in the matrix) and this tool is a safe way to quickly and selectively organize appropriate tracks into aliases.

Cool! I didn’t see it but great minds think alike :)

The strange thing is… Are… Aliases… I’m not sure what they’re good for. Why should I use them? Am I already using them without knowing it?

Yeah, quite a few people seem confused about it. Let’s hope for a tutorial eventually. It’s basically just about having several patterntracks automatically contain the same note data.

The aliasing system actually gives me the impression of a first wave of a paradigm change on patterns. It feels somewhat confusing right now, but I think in the long run this is a feature of awesomeness.

it’s really simple.

you have a 8 minute song with one track that constantly has a kick on every 4th row. each segment of the 8 minute song has a different pattern, but the kick is always in the same place. this is a repetitive, self-similar portion of the song, there’s no fancy fills, nothing, just a steady kickdrum. As far as I can understand, this script will detect that there is a repetitive kickdrum going on, and will make the first repetitive track of the kickdrum the “mother”, and will create aliases for the rest of the kickdrum patterns. when you go to the first kickdrum, and edit it, each and every other kickdrum pattern gets changed (the aliases listen to the mother for the changes). if you go anywhere in the kickdrum pattern, and edit an alias of this repetitive pattern, your edits will be mirrored to every single other pattern with the kickdrum, of the 8 minute duration.

It’s fairly useful, to be honest! Logic has an equivalent of this (midi region aliases / midi region loops). You basically change the currently self-tracked or copypasted kickdrum patterns into one loop which is mirrored across the song, and when you change any of the instances of this kickdrum-loop, they all change on the fly.

So let’s say you have a repetitive three note baseline across the 8 minute song. You can select all the patterns with this repetitive bassline, run the script, then go anywhere in the bassline, and change one of the 3 notes, and all of the bassline repeats are changed, on-the-fly, without you having to do it yourself one by one (or, without you having to make 1 change to the bassline, and then drag the changed bassline track around in the pattern matrix.

Think of it like if you were just using 1 pattern in the whole song, muting it, unmuting it, etc, but instead of having one pattern that is repetitively used across the song, think of it as one track which is used repetitively across the song. - no matter which pattern this track is used in - if it’s the same track content, it will be changed into an alias, and any edit of any alias of this track content, will change the track content across all of the recognized-aliases.

So, instead of you having 180 patterns with a bassline and having to change them by hand, one by one, or instead of you having the same amount of patterns and making one static change to a bassline and then dragging it across all the other 179 patterns - you activate this script, make the change to one bassline track, and they are immediately mirrored to all the other 179 patterns, without you having to bother to think about it.

does this help at all or should i start taking screenshots to illustrate this further?

Thanks! Well explained. I guess there are some areas where this will fit with my workflow.

Also, this is what KVR thought to write about Aliases in Renoise2.8beta:

  • Alias individual pattern slots in the matrix, i.e. treat them like clips.
  • Edit one slot and have changes propagate to all other aliases.
  • Quickly clone or alias slots by dragging their edges.

I have found this tool to be really useful when used in conjunction with Grid Pie, for cleaning up the song beforehand

Thanks joule

Thanks danoise!

The reason I was doing it is because I have lots of old projects, and this is a fast way to set up appropriate aliases without the risk of messing with a song.

Thanks for this!

I think it deserves a place on the tools page!

p.s. was amazed at how quick this tool was, think I`ve got some reading up to do on hash tables…

Thanks Ledger! I don’t know anything about hash tables. I just figured it would be a good idea storing hash codes in an array/table for comparison :)

Got myself an account on the tools page, but haven’t yet uploaded anything. I will do some of my tools. Thanks for reminding me!

Should be native, along with Delete Unused Tracks etc :)

(Not that I feel I’d likely use it often myself…)

Yep, get them tools up there! I`ll have to have a longer look at your code then aswell :)


This tool is awesome! Great work.

Why doesn’t it figure on the tools page?

It should have many more downloads in my mind, people must not know about this possibility.