Tool Allowing To Identity "real" File ?


On the net, I downloaded files but I don’t know if the file extension is the real because it doesn’t work on my PC. I renamed the filename + changed the file extension but it doesn’t run !

Is there a tool allowing to identify the file and his real extension on PC ?

Thank you for your help,


not that I know of, but you should know what you were initially downloading, right?
Music, video, image, zip, cheesecake…

did you download a mac file or some linux thing by mistake? - have a look at the site where you downloaded it

No, I downloaded files on Emule. The extensions not working correctly are :

=> .rar
=> .iso
=> .bin

I have got tools for opening these know format :slight_smile:

An idea ? Thank you for your help,


haha man ViZion, it’s probably not even what you wanted, it’s probably corrupted or something even worse… (actual cheesecake)

Emule was great during it’s time now it’s full of not much of anything usefull.

test it yourself.

type in “hohohopecmerryxmaz”
you will get a bunch of stuff, probably just like what you downloaded from the mule.

rename them to .avi and hit play.
but make sure your girlfriend is not in the room. :)

if everything fails you can always open the files with a hex-editor. most formats have a header where the format is briefly mentioned.

hahaha, I was thinking the same thing but thought… naaaah… ;)

You have to do a file header analysis. The first bytes of info in the file, when opened it a hex editor, will tell you what it is (assuming you recognize what you are looking at).

Here’s a link to a PHP script that does it:…a5dffe5#p435056

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: Anyone knows a good “Editor Hex Tool” please ?




(it’s called “tough love” -one day you’ll thank me for it)

Whatever you do… there is a big chance the header may contain an EXEcutable header, whatever you do, never rename into .EXE to test out.
You get a shipload of crap and infections on your pc by doing that.

aw maing.…amp;btnG=Search

funny thought though i’ve always wanted to try in a forum. i don’t plan on ever going back to.

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  2. …google is your friend, or RTFM please.
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:o that was supposed to be a light-hearted joke. :blink: honestly i didn’t read or know wikipedia had that on there.

Haha… :P

I just realized that finding a good hex editor actually isn’t that easy (lots of crap and shareware), so I felt kinda bad about shouting use google, that is all… hehe.

On linux there is a command “file”, which detects the format by file headers. It’s integral part of the installation, so it’s exists by default on every linux distribution.

If by PC you mean Windows (cause everybody knows, that Linux doesn’t run on PC’s but rather on your grandfathers clock) then you can get the “file” command from Cygwin packages. And probably even a standalone version from somewhere.

Totally offtopic but have to share.

I misread topic: Tool allowing to identify “real” life? :D hhahaha

cheers, cAMEL

:D This could be usefull!

Notepad++ with the hex edit plugin is quite nice…
Sorry for off topic :ph34r:

xvi32 is free