Tool Browser

I wonder, could it be possible to make renoise act like this :
open the tool browser , choose a tool you wish to work with,
double click on that tool, and the action will follow/the gui of the tool will open.
I have tools installed but I can not always find them.

I was thinking all Tools should have to have a Help page before they can go on the main Tools site.

This could be as little as two sentences:
Brief Description.
How to access the tool (eg which context menus it’s in or if it works automatically.)

Currently only one of the tools I have installed has a Manual under the Help menu.

can remember another question about this coming up recently. when i advised to look at the forum thread or description of the tool for info to where it would appear in Renoise, i figured it was a bit of a troublesome road to take, and not very failsafe. i agree with kazakore on this one.