Tool: Change Loop Block Size Via Keyboard

(Syflom) #1

This simple script let’s you bind block size loop increase/decrease to a keyboard shortcut.
For example I’m using shift + command + numpad-plus/minus on the mac.
3.0 let’s you halve/double the loop block size and also let’s you MIDI map the triggers. Changed the name because it follows the name convention,

2062 BlockLoopSize_2.6.0.xrnx
2063 BlockLoopSize_2.7.0.xrnx
2758 LoopBlockSize_3.0_for_2.8.xrnx

Block Loop Ideas
(s-n-s) #2

this could be usefull,will try it out.thanks for sharing

(Djeroek) #3

(s-n-s) #4

sorry i completely had forgot about this one,i havent had the time to mess with it yet,but hopefully will have tommorow

(danoise) #5

Thanks, this is handy stuff

(Ledger) #6

Very useful, thanks!

(HEXnibble) #7

Yup, very useful indeed.

(E.H.V.A.H. SDC) #8

Yo, I did a new version which allows you to set keys for div 2 and times 2

(Djeroek) #9

looks interesting, but can you make the dl an .xrnx instead of .zip?

(E.H.V.A.H. SDC) #10

yes of course i could, but couldn’t you just remove the .zip filename part?
OK it was not the best packaging skills showing from me there, i’ll fix it ;D

(E.H.V.A.H. SDC) #11

pff 2270 nl.jeweett.BlockLoopSize.v0.5.xrnx

(esaruoho) #12

is this midimappable yet

(Syflom) #13

It is now. Check the first post.

(koppi) #14

Syflom, this is a nice idea. I added loop block size change functions to my MoreShortcuts XRNX. One thing with the t.loop_block_range_coeff in your XRNX:

You should check upper and lower bounds of t.loop_block_range_coeff when adjusting this value, like I do here in my XRNX:…r/trans.lua#L84

Kind regards,

(Tonberry) #15

Bump, I would just like to thank you Syflom for your effort! Coupled with “mark column in block loop range”, this really speeds things up! I hope they added it to 3.0.