Tool: Change Loop Block Size Via Keyboard

This simple script let’s you bind block size loop increase/decrease to a keyboard shortcut.
For example I’m using shift + command + numpad-plus/minus on the mac.
3.0 let’s you halve/double the loop block size and also let’s you MIDI map the triggers. Changed the name because it follows the name convention,

2062 BlockLoopSize_2.6.0.xrnx
2063 BlockLoopSize_2.7.0.xrnx
2758 LoopBlockSize_3.0_for_2.8.xrnx

this could be usefull,will try it out.thanks for sharing

sorry i completely had forgot about this one,i havent had the time to mess with it yet,but hopefully will have tommorow

Thanks, this is handy stuff

Very useful, thanks!

Yup, very useful indeed.

Yo, I did a new version which allows you to set keys for div 2 and times 2

looks interesting, but can you make the dl an .xrnx instead of .zip?

yes of course i could, but couldn’t you just remove the .zip filename part?
OK it was not the best packaging skills showing from me there, i’ll fix it ;D

pff 2270 nl.jeweett.BlockLoopSize.v0.5.xrnx

is this midimappable yet

It is now. Check the first post.

Syflom, this is a nice idea. I added loop block size change functions to my MoreShortcuts XRNX. One thing with the t.loop_block_range_coeff in your XRNX:

You should check upper and lower bounds of t.loop_block_range_coeff when adjusting this value, like I do here in my XRNX:…r/trans.lua#L84

Kind regards,

Bump, I would just like to thank you Syflom for your effort! Coupled with “mark column in block loop range”, this really speeds things up! I hope they added it to 3.0.

Sorry for the necrobump, but can someone please tell me how do I change the loop size shortcut in Renoise after installing this tool?

Probably outdated, so it will not work with the latest version of renoise, there is another tool that can create evenly cut slices for loops if you need that