Tool Concept: Pmclip

storing clips in XML files would be pretty cool. you could have your own ‘clip archive’ with useful stuff.

So you’re basically talking about a version of PMClip without the pattern-matching, and with a couple of special commands for controlling the extent of a clip / where data is written to?

I like the idea, creating the basic user interface + the clip data managerment / categorization is one hell of a task, but this would be a good starting point and something you could expand upon.

Sorry I haven’t reread the thread (at the work, been quite stressed and had a headache so not going to before replying, sorry) but I always imagined it was a bit more like a Clipboard Manager.

Clips are chunks of Renoise Song XML Data.

They can be stored, recalled, named, searched, organised etc as you want.

As soon as you enter a PMClip on a song it then becomes part of the standard Song Data and can be edited and adjusted as desired.

To enable easy polyrhythms (one of the things I want Clips introduced to help with) would be Past Continous options for Selection In Patter and Selection In Matrix/Sequence. Then when you have the main of a song selected in Sequence Editor (written with a steady 4/4 beat and 64line for eg) then past a 3/4 or 7/4 beat over the middle section you don’t need to work out the different starting places for each pattern. Although this idea is kinda more another tool which should be available, as well as intergrated.

Although something more advanced (and preferably integrated) would be even nicer ;)

Feel free to view my suggestion from ideas&suggestions. Sensible Clips - Preparing For Arranger

yes, i’m basically talking about an approach that strips out the basic user interface + the clip data management/categorization in your PMClip concept

so, no advanced pattern-matching with line notifiers, only matching of oneline effect command directed clip instances wherever they can be found in the song by regular find and replace functions (as provided by taktik)

although it discards of the gui, management/categorization is still possible (but without text tags like “drumloop 1a”), like for example we could let the first number in the 3 digit row define a group category of clips:

-- -- -- ---- ---- EA99  

so that every clip number following A is part of group category A

this is flexible and would fit nicely into the keyboard focused workflow while also being expandable with new functions for processing individual clips:


like for example process(‘EA99’) would find clip number EA99’s definition space in the song and then do something to it (transposing/randomizing/etc) which we could audition in isolation and then decide if we wanted to populate to all instances of CA99 in the song

also we could introduce masks in such process functions, so that for example only the velocity column values would get added in mix-paste mode or overwritten

nice, in a way it seems similar to my own suggestion (some posts up in this thread) although in my version there’s no mandatory naming of clips or any gui, instead you just define both the clip-space and the clip number id with an effect command, on the go, and then populate the song with clip references with another effect command

i’d prefer that kind of alpha-numeric keyboard focused non-gui workflow, but of course it’s also possible to create a gui for it (maybe with rotary knobs for rotary selection of clips within categories)

just one more thought

maybe the approach i suggested above could also enable something like ‘nested clips’:

we define a clip space which contain references to other clips

so whenever the script runs to paste out clip contained data into the patterns, it would glue many clips together as one clip

@kazakore: what you’re saying about the clipboard is similar to what vV commented on my similar thread:

On a semi related note, I’ve been experimenting on saving clips as samples, requiring several tools and hacks for it to sync with the pattern editor, sample editor, automation editor…

It started from dblue’s fractional tool, ending up using it aliens beat slicer, which I can just loop or place in the pattern editor.

I’m using a small 88 sample pulse to use both as a visual and audible marker.

I didn’t use the auto detect slice marker during the process because it was off a few samples for some reason, even at 100%.


the following “{##}” indicates a slice marker number in its current mutation…

1st master clip {9} = 16 beats, 9 divisions.

2nd sub clip {3} = 3 to end of 5 from the 9 divisions
gets further subdivided by 18.

3rd sub sub clip {4} = starting at 15 of 18 from the 2nd sub clip, to the end of 5 from the master 9 division clip, gets further subdivided by 18.

EDIT: lower your volume, the 88 sample pulse create frequencies above 20khz, i forgot to place a filter
EDIT: reWorded sample clip and sub clip explanations, its still probably confusing, hopefully the xrns can deter some of that confusion.