Tool development: Arturia KeyLab Essential mkI

Hi guys!

I’m developing a tool for Arturia KeyLab Essential mkI. There is a tool already in place for MkII, but is not entirely compatible with mkI.

I’m a bit disappointed with this keyboard as the keybed doesn’t feel so good for its price, and also since it seems to handle MCU protocol for transport related stuff, is not working out of the box with Renoise.

My specific question is if there are other owners for KeyLab Essential, and if that’s so, which features you will consider useful.

Currently developing under GNU/Linux with the 49 keys version, and having great results so far. The dial knob is great for changing line position, and I’m using one of the right side buttons for switching its behavior from changing line position to instrument selection.

Right now I’m only focused on making it work properly, then perhaps I will add some UI stuff to it. If any of you is interested on this project, I can upload it to Github.

Hi there!

Thank you for considering this. I also started experimenting with the idea but dropped it due to other priorities.
I own a KeyLab Essential 61 and also am a bit disappointed for the same reason. But i kept it anyways.
I would like to use the Command Center and Transport buttons to open up other tools inside Renoise or keyboard shortcuts for example.