[tool error / solved] note is out of range

When I working with samples and write in example C-0, or C-8 in patern editor, I get message from renoise:
“Note C-8 is out of range,
a valid range is between : C-1 - B-7;
adjust sample rate of the current sample”


In renoise 2.1 all works fine.

Sorry, but I do not understand the meaning of this message. Who sets valid range of nots, and why this is not showing with vsti?

My link

I can’t speak for the seemingly arbitrary note range, but if you want to bypass this, you should be able to use ‘transpose’ in the Instrument Settings tab.

Removing Tools folder solved problem, guilty tool not identified yet. :(/>

And bad guy is… Xrns2XMod v. 1.45.

Possibly it’s not a bug, but it is annoying me :panic:

You can uncheck note range option from the tool to remove this warning