Tool for recording automation slider movement?

Hi all!

Raul suggested I might post here, as there might be a tool to get to what I’m after. You can read the entirety of the issue in the thread here if interested (has to do with Komplete Kontrol).

Basically, Komplete Kontrol will send automation data/move sliders in the automation device, but Renoise will not record those movements, because no CC messages are being received. Without going down the rabbit hole too much, yes, we want to keep using the software, yes the midi keyboard could be forced to send CC messages but this undermines the usefulness of the software.

So, what I’m hoping for: Is there a tool that allows the movement of automation instruments sliders to be recorded? I have been using FFx’s GUI recorder with some success - but have issues after a first pass adjusting values.

Thanks for any suggestions/help ya’ll can provide!

Hi, I tried to make it working as good as possible. I wouldn’t have any idea how to improve the tool’s behaviour, only one thing:

Did you disable the song option “automation following”, as stated in the manual?

EDIT: I could add an option to completely delete the current automation lane on a repeat. If that is helpful…? While recording automation, the already recorded automation will influence the currently recording :blink: and I have no idea how to prevent that, with the current state of the API.

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Hi ffx!

Wow, thanks for replying so quickly!!! Yeah, disabled the automation following (tried it both ways actually, same “issue”). Yep, I think an option to delete the current automation lane on repeat would be AMAZING (if that’s not incredibly difficult to implement?) T

I’m also glad to continue to be a guinea pig here - was extremely stoked to realize there was a tool that’s, like, 99% there in terms of making the Komplete Kontrol stuff work. . . I imagine there will be/are other sorts of scenarios this will be useful.

Oh, right: THANK YOU. Really appreciate the hard work from people like you that help us all gain additional benefit from Renoise. You rock!!!

Thanks. I will have a look into it then, but it will not happen tomorrow, more like in the next weeks.

Oh, no rush M8. I’m just grateful you are looking in to this at all!

As above - I’m going to continue playing/testing - will report back if I figure out anything else. Thanks!

UPDATE/EDIT: Ok, after playing around, it looks like taking the automation lanes out of “linear” and leaving/keeping it at “points” helps with the above, problematic behavior. Will continue to test and update.

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