Tool Idea: Alternative Keys

Plz plz plz!!!

Rec mode on/off - capslock on/capslock off
block note - space
chord mode - right shift + … (instead of left shift)
stop - space
open or hide upper frame - cntrl + shift + up
open or hide lower frame and focus- cntrl + shift + down


plz plz plz use the key preferences

you can use right shift by selecting “Modifiers only” in that window too.

ok just try this keys map! try


open and hide; switch rshift on the lshift on the osx

Yes, I have tried. It works.

What exactly are you having a problem with here?

I’ve attached the binds for you.
3900 JalexBinds.xml

I’m not sure what ‘block note’.

left shift switch on the right shift on the osx??? correct???

SHOW AND HIDE just ONE combination keys, yes???

I don’t understand this sentence.

If you mean you want to use the right shift as a modifier, simply select ‘Modifiers only’ in Key preferences window, as I said before.

If you want to bind the right shift to specific tasks, set it as ‘Assignable keys’.

Yes, it’s a toggle.

o im sorry. i want use chord mode rshift with qwerty because lshift and qwerty dont like me.

mmmm Do I understand correctly, i can one combination keys hang two events?

Select ‘Modifiers only’ then this will be possible.

It depends on the event. “Show/Hide upperframe” is a toggle, so you can use one combination for this.
But you won’t be able to use that combination for anything else, since it is a global event.

ok i will try. thnx for fresh things


I was wrong, I was talking about things like focus on the tabs and then the same combination keys tab can be closed