Tool idea: Audio tracks

Anyone thinks this would be cool, or maybe an idea to skip? :)

I imagine it would have an “arm” feature. I also imagine some sample editing could be done from within the pattern editor via block marking and special commands, just for fun.

Hah fun, do it! :drummer:

ascii waveform thumbs ftw

so retro


awesome, i want it!!!

just leave empty space where no data…

The only danger there is that ie 0I11 is a command.

PS joule, can I ask how you made this mockup?

It is necessary to fill the effect columns. Things would look worse if the data was not symmetrical.

Cas, I am an able ascii artist ;)

[[[[[[I8I]]]]]]] dont need where no drawing i mean… onlz the I8I can visible… it is much recognizable

lik this_:

[…IIII8IIIII…] dont you think?

(forum shrink the space to no holes . and the “.” too)

hotelsinus, try it and you will notice that it is not possible typing any digits without getting asymmetrical padding with zeros.