Tool Idea: Batch sample properties, normalize and rename

After building some new instruments for past 3 days these would be huge time savers:

Batch sample properties and normalize
Change stereo / mono, sample rate and bit depth for all samples on instrument.
Normalize all samples at once, normalising every sample to 0db or by keeping volume relation between samples in instrument, so that loudest sample would only hit 0db.

Batch sample rename
Rename all samples on instrument at same time. For example I like to rename files with instrument name, midi note number (C-4=60, I think?), velocity and key, so it would be something like “Double Bass 046 100 A#2”. Of course everyone has their own style and everything is not always needed so I was thinking you could type something like “Double Bass %number %velocity %note” and the script would pick up data from instrument and use it accordingly.

Export instrument in universal format
Export XRNI as something like Akai, Soundfont or Exs24, so made instruments could be used in Kontakt or EXS24 without remapping. I know about Additional File Format -tool, so I could make instrument in EXS24 and import it to Renoise, but I prefer workflow of Renoise over EXS24 and Kontakt.

I don’t know anything about scripting so would anyone be interested? Would it be lot of work?

The first two are doable and quite useful ideas, not sure about the last one though that could be quite tricky.
Anyway, if you don’t know it already this tool is very useful if you are making layered instruments: it can be adapted to include some of your suggestions…

That was my first thought when I just read the topic. But then I read on!

I see the use for most of the requested features. I think most would just come as a keyboard shortcut / menu entry, no need to build GUIs for all those things that are essentially one command. I think it will indeed be an extension of the InstruMix instrument manager. Especially the first part is usable, maybe add a option for “Make samples mono only if channels are equivalent” option…
As for the batch sample rename… I do see some use in it, but it’s not entirely clear to me, the 100 is the velocity? Where does this velocity come from?
Awesome that you build complex instruments with Renoise.
I have yet to find a sampler file format that is somewhat open spec… I’ll just keep Renoise instruments and perhaps distribute them renamed as .zip?

I did install InstruMix to try it out but can’t find a way to open it?

Yes, would be useful, but should also include normal way to make mono from left channel, mix, etc.

In that case yes, 100 would be the velocity. I think velocity value should come from maximum velocity for sample, if mapped from 101 to 127: the number would be 127. Maybe have 2 options like %velocitymax + %velocitymin, but I think maximum value would do just fine. :)

Good part for being without job at the moment is that I finally have time to chop some while back recorded stuff as multisampled instruments.
Mentioned double bass does not have any velocity layering, it was hard enough to record long sustaining notes in every semitone in tune… and it was the first time I have ever toutched double bass.

Just wondering because we can already import those so would it be hard to make same other way around? I don’t know if there is some licensing issues? It could explain why other samplers do not export in other formats… or they just want user to keep using their sampler. But it’s quite fast to map samples to other samplers when they are already chopped, mixed, looped and named properly.

+1 more:
Batch apply fx :)

It operates on keybinds… So in the preferences, Keys tab, type ‘instrument mix’ in the search box. Then you can set a key for it (e.g. I’ve got it on Shift+G)
The keys that work inside that window you can find on it’s tool page

That’s not scriptable atm :(