Tool Idea: Batch Song Render Tool

The only tool I could see myself ever finding time to build would be a batch render tool. I’ve asked, others have asked for a CLI to do this, it couldn’t be rocket science but obviously the devs have more application-centric priorities as nothing ever came from the multiple inquiries on this topic which could be found by searching the forums.

So could a batch render tool be put together using renoise’s API? Any clues as to the building blocks I would likely need to use to get there from here?

I want to have the ability to select a folder of XRNIS, or select multiple files w/i a directory or drag+drop xrnis from a file browser into the tool to add them to the render queue. Each xrns file would need their own render settings to offer the same options in the standard renoise render song to disk dialog (sample rate, whole song/pattern range, etc).

Additionally I would like to be able to designate with the tool whether the xrns gets rendered to wav, flac or mp3.