[tool idea] copy sample selection to new sample/instrument + transp &#

(Djeroek) #1

Don’t think this one is done already? If so please direct me to it :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a few extra keyboard shortcuts that can copy a sample selection in the sample editor into a new sample slot or instrument, but also copy any finetune & transpose settings into the result , opposed to what happens now when you copy a selection to something new as both options reset to defaults.

I’m aware of duplicate instrument, this is something different as it is about copying a sample editor selection.

E.g; you have beat synced a breakbeat bar to 16 lines, have pressed T to automatically calculate the transpose and finetune settings, now want to copy sections out of that break into new instruments. These new shortcuts would save having to manually adjust both settings for the sections you need.

Trivial to most probably, but it would speed up this kind of workflow, copying beat elements to loop out of a beatsynced & T’d sample.

Any takers? :drummer: