Tool idea: Excel bridge

I’m thinking about a tool that is connecting Renoise pattern data to Excel, meaning that you could edit your pattern data in Excel with bi-directional (near real-time) updating. It might not be a good idea to use Excel as a substitute for the pattern editor, but it could surely bring a lot of fun possibilities when it comes to pasting parameters, manipulating values or generating values by formulas.

I’ve been trying to investigate if this is even possible. It might have been if the LuaCOM library was included in the Renoise API - . Maybe there are other approaches that could be used to realize this?

If you know how to circumvent the file-lock that usually is applied to it when Excel or Excel-compatible application has loaded the sheet-file.
I’m not sure if LUACom would solve that. But nevertheless will it mostly be a Windows-only related option
Writing your own gridcontroller and share song-data through MySql or SQLite sounds much more appealing (and is far more easy to build/implement)

LOL :D Please not!! Instead, make the GUI fluid and slick. I think all Excel acrobats already burst with envy if they will see today’s Renoise.

haha cool idea!