[tool idea] extract automation envelope from sample waveform

I vaguely remember an old Renoise tool that did this(?)…but in Ableton or Fl Studio (can’t find the youtube video real quick) there is a way to extract the shape of your waveform into the automation editor, so you can for example invert it to have a wet parameter ramp up when the amplitude of a sound goes down and/or apply further manipulation.

Very crude example :slight_smile: , extract the valleys and peaks from;

And have it look something like this in the automation editor, either being visual for the exact time length of the sample or stretched all across ;

Someone remember the Renoise script which could do this, or an able scripter can help out? :sunglasses:

ps; I know about the signal follower, but need a more hardcoded, visual approach for cool editing options this can offer.

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I have something similar.
Unfortunately, Formula doesn’t have an input for audio from the track, so I didn’t do anything with it.
The code is now used in another project.
What do you mean? Do you want to create an envelope for automation from a sample?
It shouldn’t be difficult to adjust it. You can set both attack and release threshold.

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right, wouldn’t inverting min max values on the signal follower suffice? adjusting sensitivity and release for smoothing…

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Check this


When you have the shape inside the automation editor you can do detailed manual, zoomed in transformations to control it, also the edits are visual which I would prefer for overview.

That looks cool Martblek (not exactly sure what I’m looking at :), will investigate more closely), but would it work extracting the envelope of larger samples, for example 64 line patterns rendered to wav, and then dump the envelope to the automation editor?

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no prob.
if renoise _idle allows it.

But there must be some interpolation coz 64 lines * 256 = 16384 max automation point theoretically :slight_smile:
and this is 0.371… s at 44100 samplerate


Just freaking beautiful…

this looks very cool