[tool idea] Find & Layer?

Bear with me :sunglasses:

I’m working on a song which source derives from a midi score generated in another program. Unfortunately, for some reason the first note event of the imported midi file doesn’t start at line number 0 in the pattern editor in Renoise, but at line number 16. To make matters ‘worse’ there are different time signatures in the midi structure and the complete song is spread over 64 length patterns, so pattern starts don’t necessarily equal the start of so say bridge, chorus, verses etc. Sections can start in the beginning, middle or end of a pattern.

In this particular song I’d like to emphasize certain notes from the beat track, doubling the kick with another sound in another track. So for every time the kick sounds, on the same line on another track I’d like to layer it with another sample. Being that the song structure is all jumbled, I can’t just manually do 1 pattern myself and simply copy this all throughout, it will go out of sync eventually, to much labor to fix everything :slight_smile: .

Ideally I’d like a tool in which you can set a ‘reference’ instrument, track and note event key in the tool gui, for example; F#302 in track 2 and set the desired other instruments note event key & destination track, lets say C-407 in track 1. Bonus points if you could also set a pattern range. E.g; find & layer between pattern 4-8, this so you have more flexibility layering stuff across sections.

Pretty sure I’ve asked for something similar before, not sure any more if a tool came out or something like this already exists? If so please let me know!


@vvoois once made an Instrument Chainer tool ( New Tool: Instrument Chainer (Experimental) ), but it looks obsolete after the old forum migration and also was a realtime solution handy when creating, not something which scans a song file and offline generates the new input like I propose above.