Tool Idea: Humanize Selection In Pattern Matrix

What topic says.

Would be awesome.

Would it random shuffle the track selection = random shift the highlighted blocks in the matrix or randomize the block contents (=notes), using the matrix as some kind of mask?

Using the matrix for advanced edit kind of meta actions / content mask would be great.

Cool idea. Maybe not only for humanize. Maybe you could add the point “selection in pattern matrix” to the selection menu?

This! I’ve mentioned it at least three times already in other threads.


Did you see vV’s Masking Library for Adv. Edit Parameters?

It’s a nifty idea, calling adv. edit parameters from within the Pattern Matrix. I’ll see about *2 the pattern content and pattern size and imprinting a new LPB to the pattern via pattern matrix menu entry. Could be useful! Let’s see.

How does the humanization work exactly? Is it just randomize within a maximum change?