[Tool Idea] Initialize All Automation Parameters Of A Selected Dsp/Vst


…is it possible through the powers of Lua to have a tool initialize all the parameters of a selected dsp device or vst effect in the automation editor?

I’d imagine it working through right mouse clicking the device/effect name in the automation editor and selecting the script and bammmm, all envelopes for the selected effect are automatically drawn in. Saves double mouse clicking through a list of parameters :) and can be handy to store tweakage like a preset snapshot.

prays to the scripting gods

[s]Is simply selecting the Init preset not sufficient?

The only thing i would foresee a scripting use if you want to init the parameters of all DSP devices for a certain track.
[/s]Shoot, I was overlooking the phrase Automation editor

Yes vV, automation editor, gimme some white lines!

What you want is basically a preset system for automation? Will it need to support pasting more than one pattern?

yes, something like that. Sometimes I have tweaked an effect to later found out I destroyed a previous good sounding pattern and this wanted feature would enable me to lock the ‘effect’ more easy, prevent me from messing it up :) .

For me this tool would preferably work for the selected effect, on the particular pattern and track you’re in, and not span across more than one pattern or more than one effect at the same time (though if that is easy to implement and can be made optional, why not?).

Good idea.

In the meantime there is always clipboard as a workaround. Select all, then copy and paste (into texteditor with your ‘presets’). But it should be pretty simple making a parser for that clipboard data, and preferrably having them saved as xml in a folder hierarchy being rendered as a context menu.

I’ve considered making something like this for the longest time - moving a pattern from one position in the song to another can easily result in some parameter getting the wrong value - and you’d probably discover it when it’s too late. A ‘parameter snaphot’ tool could make this less likely to happen, so a huge +1 from me.

To make this really useful, I would probably include the ability to select between various parameter sets: ‘current device’, ‘all devices in current track’, ‘all devices in all tracks’
And you’d probably also want the ability to select between taking snapshots of the ‘currently automated’ parameters, and the complete set?

we want it all!


a “peerstate” device for parameter snapshots!
please, please, please…
would be so awesome!!!1!one

EDIT: is that even possible with current api?

Nice to see I’m not the only one looking for this functionality, all the possible options aside… I guess it isn’t that easy through Lua to initialize / draw in all the envelopes of a selected device(?)…thought it might be easy :)

For now I can ‘morph’ between 2 devices presets, that kind of “snapshot” is possible :

  • I’ve got to select the record sliders to automation, with shift+²,
  • then I put my edit block at the beginning of the pattern,
  • I click on the device to morph, then
  • I right-click on each device param so that params are stored in automation points…
  • then I define a linear or curve automation for all created params,
  • then I’m going at the end of my pattern,
  • then I’m selecting a new device preset,
  • then VERY IMPORTANT I’m performing ctrl+c (copy all device settings in the clipboard),
  • then after the new preset selection, I have to right-click again on each device param and VERY IMPORTANT, after each right click I have to perform the ctrl+shift+v shortcut (re-paste the clipboard content) - why ? because each right clic automatically restores all the last automated param positions,

Useless to say that when I’m morphing virtual instrument presets with the Instr Automation meta device, or when I’m morphing between presets of the EQ10 device for example, there are so many parameters, the process is so repetitive, that I f**ck flies, it’s a pure pain in the ass.

I think that people don’t ask something too big, maybe just create a popup menu that could be available by right-clicking on the device name in the automated device selector, and all param. values ( with something like renoise.song().tracks.devices.parameters.value, _observable ) could be simply copy-pasted into the automation at the default pattern line position ( with something like renoise.song().patterns.tracks.automation:add_point_at(time, value) )…

Any technical reasons why this isn’t possible right now?

One of the things is that every DSP/VST effect has its own “init” values for each parameter and these aren’t always “0” by default :)
You would need the basic snapshot of each DSP and VST plugin to apply this snapshot. Unless there would be some magic number (like -1) to tell the DSP/plugin that it should set that parameter to its default value.

It isn’t about finding an init value for each parameter, but about fetching all the current settings.