Tool idea: JPEG to WAV tool?

A Jpeg to wav tool like sunvox has would be great to have for renoise

If someone could pull this off i think it would be @martblek with all his great tools he already has created.

actually, I’ve had my own tool that converts BMP to samples for some years now :wink:
I can’t imagine that anyone is interested in my sound experiments.
Anyway, it only does what I need and I don’t see any other use for it.
That’s why it was never public.
And above all, I don’t know what algorithms Alexander uses for conversion.
If like with ANS or others.


I think this can have a lot of merit to it for generating weird sounds. As there is no right way to interpret images the best would be to include a mode selector and add different methods as you go.

from the SunVox manual

JPEG image will be loaded as a sample: the brightness of the pixels will be converted into a sound wave (pixel scan line by line, left to right, top to bottom).

the Renoise Sampler is able to force load non audio filetypes and spit out some very interesting results. It functions similarly to listening to a data cassette through a stereo. Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but fun none the less. One of my favorites is importing ICC color profile files.

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Yeah, you can just load any file into the sample, turn on the “.” option or whatever, load the file into a sample slot, you get the raw data interpreted as uncompressed wave file.

There’s also other interesting ideas on how to turn images into sound. One is turning the image into audio spectral information. Then you can even see the image when playing back the sound - if you run it through a spectrogram analyzer that keeps the history of some seconds. Aphex Twin did this on some albums - you have sounds that kind of seem like dialing in modem roboters of hell from a bad scifi movie, and when you view it in a spectrogram you will see like symbols or a photo of a twisted face of him.

Here is some github food on how to do it: image-to-sound · GitHub Topics · GitHub

My converter works as Alexander Zolotov’s Virtual ANS.
Or just like Jim Singh’s Paint2Sound


Would be nice to try out your BMP 2 sine tool, is a jpeg also possible with your tool?

Tried putting a jpg into the renoise sampler on macos, and nothing happens, it doesnt get added to the sampler.
Thanks for the github links.

I don’t want to change the topic but do you currently use any VSTs for this purpose?

martblek the only guy that when someone suggests a crazy tool he replies “i already made that in secret”

what other good stuff is he hiding


Don’t have or use any vsts that do this atm

I’m sorry, but a lot of my tools are just projects that are not ready for publication.
They are just attempts to see if it will work in Renoise.
Unfortunately, with many of them I ran into some limitations, so they remained as they are.
They only do one specific thing, it has no programmatic input checks etc.

Hey there! On Linux I can use the file/sample browser in the lower right corner to load the pictures or other files. In “Song” Or “Samples” mode I just need to browse to the location, select an instrument, and double click the file - it will be loaded and interpreted as a raw .wav file! If you can’t see the file type, hit the *.* button in the broweser and all files in the current directory will show up.

You can use literally any kind of file for this, and how it will sound will depend on the contents. Compressed files (zip, but also jpg or mp3 or video files) will usually sound pretty similar to white noise, with one or another tint. In the beginning of the files there usually will be interesting blips etc. that come from the uncompressed file header (identifier of file type and compressed contents).

Also you can configure the behavior in the Preferences in “Files” and the section “Raw Audio Import”. With this you can change bitrate, sample frequency, it will also change the sound of the loaded files.

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Thanks for the instructions.
That seems to work, but every file i open gives me white noise.

Yeah, that’s what loading raw data is like. Try different files, .txt, .exe, whatever you like. As I have written, if you open compressed files like zip jpg mp3 this way, then what you will get is usually similar to white noise. You must use a special tool to transform the image to a sound, if you want to represent the visuals somehow.