Tool Idea (Multiple sample grabber)

Ok… I’ve made a good start on this and it wasn’t too painfull!

I’ve added the following menu options - they’re pretty much self explanatory:

  • Main Menu:Tools:Copy all used Samples to a new Instrument
  • Main Menu:Tools:Copy all used Samples from Pattern to a new Instrument
  • Main Menu:Tools:Copy all used Samples from Track to a new Instrument

It works really well for drum/one-shots in it’s current state. It even copies layered samples across as pairs/trios etc.

I still need to think about:

  • how to combine melodic instruments
  • how to order the sample’s once collected and
  • how to handle samples that are use multiple different pitches
  • only operating on a selected area in the pattern
  • remapping note’s in pattern’s to the new instrument
  • documentation!

At the moment it blows up if you try to capture a sliced instrument… In order to work around that remember to “Destructively Render Samples” first.

I’ll add some warnings and options later tonight.

Here’s the XRNX:
org.tris.CollectSamples.xrnx (1.8 KB)

And you’ll find the source here: GitHub - triss/org.tris.CollectSamples.xrnx: Add used samples in to a new Instrument

What feature’s would you lot like to see added?

What bugs have you all found?


Thank you,let me test it out!

haven’t tested the tool yet, but would suggest the addition of keybindings for menu options :slight_smile:


CollectSamples.xrnx' failed to execute in one of its menu entry functions.

Please contact the author Tristan Strange for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘can not copy a sliced sample to another sample. copy the whole instrument (to copy the slices as well) or only the raw sample data instead.’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘copy_from’
main.lua:79: in function ‘copy_sample_mappings_to_new_instrument’
main.lua:103: in function main.lua:102

Yes also keybindings please.

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would it be possible to render fx chains for samples as well, or would this be a whole other sort of tool? As it is, this tool seems useful for collating source sounds, but seems to ignore processing of samples… I could see there being some serious utility for a tool that made renders of each track in pattern or pattern range, then sliced them at their note positions.
But maybe this tool is already doing the trick for which it was requested

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The tool so far is acting exactly as i requested,if tris feels like it,he could add on whatever he likes to this tool however i would request that the ‘copy all used samples from pattern to new instrument’ is left in its simplicity,this is the most important thing to me.


I am curious if there is a workaround for this error. As far as I know, this is due to a limitation in the Lua API that doesn’t allow to copy sliced sample aliases.

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Yes,i would prefer if the whole sample in that case is copied,if this cant be then i would prefer this sample to be ignored.

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Sounds like a good use case for an option dialog

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Ok great stuff…

I’ll add the keyboard shortcuts and sort the copying and skipping of sliced samples in the morning (and add an options window!)

I can me self adding rather a lot to this:

  • kb shortcuts
  • option to copy or skip sliced samples
  • operate on a selection
  • possibly someway of stacking multiple melodic instruments (shifting things by octave or similar?)
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I’d also suggest creating the new instrument in the next available instrument slot, instead of the last one, if possible, and adding a placeholder instrument name


Seeing how this idea comes to fruition is great. Perhaps some kind of bounty system imbedded to the forum would be cool for these kind of threads? If another forum member would want to add to the total amount of the bounty for an idea, he/she could add. Adding to the incentive for an idea.


Good shout. I’ll sort that when I get home this afternoon.

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I’m out of work at the moment… I’d love to see this happen!

@ToybOx here’s a version that does what you asked.

It now copies the source sample for any slices it comes across.

There are also keyboard shortcuts under Global:Copy all used samples

Let me know if there’s any tweaks you want and I’ll make them later this afternoon.

org.tris.CollectSamples.xrnx (2.5 KB)

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Was thinking exact same thing,also it may just be me but all my kits begin on c-4 rather than c-3?

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Working atm,will test when I get home

I reckon that’s just you mate! C-3 for drum kits and slices ftw.

That said I’ve already laid the groundwork for making the start note an option… Will sort over next hour or two.

Ok great,will send payment when home,if you want to send private message with details go ahead there,also other tools I might discuss with you.

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