Tool Idea: Note Distribution

hello everyone!

i have an idea for little tool, that will distribute selected note and it’s volume (optional) down the current column according to defined events quantity, lenght of distribution area in ticks and distribution rules (exponential in both directions, random and something else). this tool must deal correctly with note delays, i think.

this tool is supposed to be useful for some autechrish beat manipulations, i guess.

is it even possible? i’m lame in scripting etc. but i want this tool :rolleyes:


i’m no scripter either, but from the way it sounds it’s possible.

i think you can do nearly everything you mentioned with the epic arp :]

sorry, i can’t figure out how to do such things with the epic arp, i think i was not understood correctly.

i drew tiny mockup for this feature to illustrate what i mean

  • made simple example

so, can you do this with epic arp? i’m curious. can you produce some examples for this?


yes you can really do that with the epic arp since there is a option to ‘distribute’ notes, also you can put volume and fx commands, try it :]

epic arp is way deeper then what it may seem from the screenshot. having said that, it might be cool to have a dedicated tool just for note distribution.

hey, your mockup made me understand your request! i like it. i usually do stuff like this by hand, but nice tool idea.

Well, the best way to get less lame in scripting is to start.

Ticky Roll is prime example of a beginner going very far with an idea, and learning something in the process.