[tool idea] pattern editor - command presets

Don’t think this one already exists, as I’d be using it :drummer:

I’m thinking about a tool gui, with numbered boxes, like presets which let you save (right mouse click) and recall (left click) pattern command states on a per track (alt+t) or complete pattern (ctrl+a) basis. Extra bonus points for letting you name the presets.

It’s like solely ticking effect number & effect value in the advanced editor (maybe volume, delay & panning column too?), making a selection in the pattern editor and pressing ctrl+c. The command and value selection get stored in a clipboard, which can be triggered and pasted onto a new pattern through the tool gui (+ tool preset-keyboard shortcuts).

Handy if you often use certain command structures like volume build-ups, stutters, gates, pitch ramps, timestretching through offsets etc and want to have all the options stored in one gui.

A tool that copies FX commands from a pattern or pattern track under a certain name… Smart! I’m not making it though, since I hardly use them… Think they’re just too unsmooth even on 8lpb…

I have thought about a system like this too. I think the structure of the preset system needs to be considered carefully. Imo, it should not only be linear, copying line by line, but needs to be more intelligent. A linear system would be similar to the previously suggested “tracked instruments” (?) feature.

Here is a more intelligent example of a preset that I think the system should be capable of applying:

  1. Select a range in a track, select preset and apply (or use a shortcut).
  2. Pastes an effect on the two first lines of a selected range.
  3. Pastes a vibrato effect from line 3 down to 50% of the selected range. The value increases (lin/log/exp) from top to bottom of this sub-range. Start value and end value are defined in the preset.
  4. Maintain the vibrato end value until two lines before the end of selected range.
  5. Paste a portamendo down on the last two lines of the selected range.

This example covers most of the logic that I think the preset system should be able to manage. What do you think?

EDIT: One important thing that I didn’t cover is the possibility to also define subrange-routines from the end. For example, pasting a set of routines from the start and another set of routines from the end, leaving a gap in the middle.

Automatic scaling of the preset values to selection in pattern editor would be very nice indeed Joule, but maybe too ambitious and/or difficult to implement?

I’d be happy with just linear copying and pasting, having different command-scenes stored in a gui for quick recall.

this depends on what kind of patterncommands you’re using, sound you’re after. Interpolating volume or panning values might sound less smooth than drawing a curve in the automation editor, though the stepwise character could be seen as a feature ;) , other commands aren’t available to draw.

The saved command states don’t necessarily have to be lin, log or exponential interpolations, could be like a groove of solitary changes, different commands spread over a track.

I wonder how many Renoise users still use pattern commands, the 30+ years versus youngsters.