Tool Idea: Pattern Fx To Automation Curve

I think this would be a pretty simple tool to make. I cannot code though so I hope one of you might give it a go.
So: It would be really neat if one was able to convert Pattern FX commands into points on the automation curve and vice versa. Cheers.

that’s a slick idea…


Can paste pattern commands to envelopes, but not the other way.

And reasonably so, due to the higher resolution of automation curves.

I use Beatslaughter’s tool all the time, but you know what would be cool? The ability to copy/paste all the fx on/off switch commands from one pattern to the other so that it ‘sticks’ with the right effect. I cam across this a lot because I’m migrating old Send DSP chains to new Group DSP chains. However doing by hand is ok as well. :)