[tool idea] Polyphonic free running LFOs

I’d love to be able to have free running (polyphonic) LFOs in an instrument that allow me to hear the results while I’m composing and live playing/performing. On my knees begging in 2023 for a tool that does this quickly and simply. Mind is still blown this is not a box you can click on/off on LFOs.

To create organic movement within a single track (instrument) and between tracks (multiple instruments) I don’t feel there is a better way, and for the creative process to flow freely the solution needs to be pretty fast/simple.

Deepest apologies if this exists, cannot find a solution. thx! -e

Have you just tried cardinal by any chance? Seems like this would probably work if Renoise can listen for modulation signals (this works in other DAWs, btw).

Will have to investigate this one personally as I’m fairly new to Renoise (as of earlier this year). Also I wouldn’t be surprised at the notion of just using separate FX chains to accomplish something very similar to this

yes, this should be added, for sure
free running lfos are easy in the fx section, and doable in instrument modulation as well, but afaik we don’t have a way to do it polyphonically…

Tool would be okay, but perhaps this helps in the meantime?

LFO into hydra can control lots and lots of stuff; even instrument macros:

they are? I don’t know how to set up a free running lfo for an instrument in mono. they automatically reset with a new note.

Think you pointed at the wrong quote. Were you asking about fx or mod section?

thank you for the screen shots,

can the results from using a hydra create a polyphonic LFO?

Is Cardinal the free modular synth plug? If so i’ve never tried it. I would guess it could be difficult to get renoise to listen polyphonically but i’m not very technically minded. Also pretty new to renoise less than a year in.

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Yep, you can control as many instruments, in as many tracks, or note columns, as you desire; all at the same time.

That’s not polyphonic, bro.
Polyphonic in this case means per note

by controlling different note columns are the results heard polyphonically in real time as you play notes or is it after the fact during playback of a recorded sequence?

Yea, it is always moving the knobs and sliders, so triggered notes will be affected by the lfo moving the parameters of the devices at all times.

Polyphony: Music with two or more independent melodic parts sounded together. : )

As far as polyphony goes, in Renoise, there is one Caveat…

If you use Instrument Effect Chains, directly in the instrument (you will see a little chain graphic next to the instrument), it breaks polyphony across Tracks, this forces you to use the ‘Note Columns’ to maintain the polyphonic nature of the instrument.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but I thought @loudcloud was asking for free-running lfos that run freely for each note played so there can be interference patterns and such between notes. Is this what you’re actually looking for @loudcloud?

What precisely are you trying to achieve?
There may be a way :slight_smile:

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To make sure we’re on the same page: I understand the knobs and sliders will be moving but polyphonic LFOs mean that each note would trigger a new instance of an LFO (the modulation point on each LFO would be at a different point in relation to that specific note)

Yes I understand polyphony, I’m just looking for a way to hear these results while i’m physically playing, not just during playback using different Note Columns. Just confused if that would be the result of what you are describing. thxthx

Yes that’s exactly it :slight_smile: each note played is correct. And interference patterns between notes is good way of putting it. Also not having the LFOs reset across patterns is important too, but not as important as hearing these results during the composing process while using a live note input method.

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Ok, yeah, you could do this but it would be a bit of a chore to set up. What do you want the lfo to affect? Pitch/volume/filter/fx? If you post an example xrni in this thread I can take a crack at it

Nod, I see what you are asking about now; depending on what you are modulating, the ‘modulation tab’ of a simple renoise instrument may have what you are after then, depending on what you want to modulate.

This, for example, provides an independent looping lfo for each key pressed; the pitch goes up and down independently for each note pressed.

Right, but it’s not free running :slight_smile:


Interestingly, perhaps; the LFO Modulation Source, when set to ‘random’, is free running.
So by setting the range of the randomness, that would be pretty allright i guess.