Tool idea: Re-order / shuffle columns

Hey folks,

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with Kontakt, keyswitching is a big part of this and I found myself wanting to bring the column containing the keyswitches into clear view with the notes it was going to effect. With tracks containing big chords and lots of automation data the keyswitch column can be quite far away.

When all the work on the track is done for now, I like to take those keyswitches and put them on the first or last column.

The way things are, this is a bit clunky. I’d like to be able to re-order columns, perhaps by moving the currently selected column backwards or forwards in the hierarchy and having the others ‘shuffle’ to accommodate.


Something that may work in the meantime:

Create a track to the left of your kontakt track and enter the keyswitching commands in that track so they remain separate. In renoise VSTs can only play on one track and this will default to the right most track.

Track 01 Track 02  
Violin Violin Sounds  

Haven`t tried this properly in practice, but in theory it should work as long as the key switches are not triggering any sounds. Theres always group tracks for fx if this occurs too

Oops! Forgot to say thanks for this :smiley:

Happy new year!