Tool idea: Render selection to sample & turn off trackdsp

Perhaps it already exists somewhere? But I’m looking for a tool (keyboard shortcut) which can render a pattern editor selection to sample, but turns off all trackdsp beforehand and turns them back on after rendering finishes.

Right now you have to manually do this, if you want to achieve a seamless sound, using the pattern renders back in the original track, not sounding like the fx are stacked.

I know I can use pattern renders in a new track which doesn`t have any fx, but sometimes you want to keep things in the same track for better oversight.

Would save a bunch of mouse clicks :grin:.

I think the fastest way currently is it create a new temporary track and copy the notes.

If possible i`d like to have it self-contained in the same track it originates from.

Like my dream feature of Aftas render and slice tool is aforementioned disabling before, and enabling fx afterwards , cut away pattern editor selection and replace with render. That way you`d have a seamless freezed (and sliced) replacement, opening up to next level amazeballs.

For now the disabling and enabling bit would be very welcome!

It’s quite a simple tool to make and a good first project if you’ve never made a tool. Maybe have a dive into the API yourself? I can help by pointing out what key things you need to use.


yep, heard it before on these forums but realistically it will take me too much time that I unfortunately don’t have atm. In between diaper changes and moving would rather finish up some tracks. So if anyone reading this thread and wants to take a shot at it, first project or not :slight_smile: , you’re welcome!