tool idea/request: three randomizing tools

-a tool for randomizing all existing automations in a song

-a tool for randomizing all the effects enable/bypass in selected track

-a tool for randomizing all the effects positions in the device chain

i understand that these tools would not be very popular but they would be very helpful to me so if they are easy and fast to develop please someone think about it.

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took a while for me to think of that, hope it was worth it.

Lol just buy that tool from dblue already. Really. Just google dblue.

what do you mean “that tool from dblue”? is there a tool for sale by dblue that does the above three things?
or are you implying you read through the lines and understood how i will use these features and what i want to achieve soundwise?

This title makes it sound like you’re announcing three randomizing tools…

Since this is actually a request how about you learn some LUA and create these scripts yourself. It’s not that hard, really.

yes you are right. sorry. changed the title.

as a matter of fact i would really like to learn lua and it seems that this is the only way for many stupid and simple tools i think i need.
the only thing that troubles me is that i feel i am past the “easy learning age”. but i will give it a try since you suggest its not that hard.