Tool Idea / Script Question - before I start diving in

Is it possible to trigger something, when the play position cursor hits a specific note in specific track -

and when it hits - can it start Recording a sample for the Sampler/Instrument.

And continue recording - until a next specified note in the specified track is hit - then stops recording and stores the sample.

Think it like a Punch-in/out recording. Example:

C3 - Start recording new sample
D3 - Stop Recording

Recorded samples get mapped to from C4…etc

You could do this but it’ll be a bit hacky and the timing won’t be super accurate.

I could use the pattern sync option in record window…

I tried using virtual MIDI null cable - send note out - then map the received note to MIDI mapping for the Record Button action. But it’s just too hacky and the virtual midi cables glitched out of it.

Rest is already there - the Drum Kit mapping option.

Oh yes. Good point! Pattern syncing would be accurate if you only want to do it on multiples of pattern lengthed samples.

Right. Is there a keyboard shortcut I can assign to Record/Stop and Done/Cancel - or it can to be MIDI only?

Basically I just want to record some Bass/Guitar parts or riffs, at some given locations.

Now when I think about it - I could pre-mark where the riff ought to be/start with a note eg C4 - and the end of it with note OFF marker.

If I use Pattern Sync option - I just have to delete the silent bit before the recorded riff, and it is synced already.

The recorded loop takes could be sliced, perhaps even auto and mapped to a Drum Kit

Then using the multi column editing mode - one could have many riff parts multi layered … multi tracked, eg

Riff     Accents
C4       ..    
..       ..
..       D4
..       ..
..       OFF

EDIT: I figured out - one could use Gainer and send Pattern Commands (Gain) through the pattern fx collumn - Muting and Un-Muting at the corresponding time slots - and edit, extract the needed parts from the recorded sample. Thus one can even do multi take recording of the needed part.