[tool idea] sorta-like fx button in sample editor but better

A great thing for soundshaping samples in wavelab is being able to determine the amount of fx that’ll get rendered into a sample through setting up an envelope in the effect morphing tool. It acts like automating a mix or send parameter from a vst in any daw, but its ease to set-up, quickness and flexibility is a big advantage imo. Render a chain of vst’s in a sample, draw an envelope and apply it.

To get a comparable, similar sounding result in Renoise, you need to enter a sample instrument in the pattern editor, draw an envelope for the mix/send parameter (if available at all) for any dsp in the chain in the automation editor -> make a selection in the pattern editor -> right mouse click menu ‘Render To Sample’.

Would it be possible to create something like this wavelab flexibility inside a tool? I.o.w mix-paste the effected rendered sample (like when pressing the fx-button in the sample editor) with the original sample according to an envelope (think envelope boxes like in automasher :)).

Interesting, please show screenshot of this feature in wavelab?

There’s not much that is to be seen, just a window where you can draw an envelope shape like Renoises automation editor, likewise it also has toggles to flip the shape horizontally or vertically. Difference is, inside the window the to be ‘morphed’ sample waveform is also displayed with time on the x-axis and db on the y-axis.

I don’t think an exact copy could be made gui-wise as current lua scripting doesn’t allow things like drawing an envelope yet, right? So, it would be choosing preset shapes like in the automasher tool.


shows an image of it @ 1.43


I think this kind of flexibility is available in renoise but not so easy to find / use.
So I agree that there’s some progress to be made! looks like a cool option.

If I see correctly we can achieve this kind of thing by building FX chain starting with ‘envelopes’ (aka One Shot Custom LFOs that are retriggered by Velocity trackers) and then tweak the fx while hitting Zee key every so many secs (or Zed if you like), then recording that C-4 hit into the pattern and rendering selection or track or whatevs.

That sounds like an elaborate workaround :), could it be achieved in a simpler way? I was thinking about having 2 buffers, one containing the original sample and one being the effected sample, then having some kind of crossfade algorithm mixing the two buffers into a sampled instrument.

I guess the problem is that the fx button thing in the sample editor isn’t available through lua, so it can’t be done without the workaround?

Or, the user would have to create 2 versions him/her-self, a dry and wet version, be able to specify the samples in the tool-gui and set up a shape for mix-pasting between the two.