[Tool Idea] Split Stereo Sample Into 2 Mono Samples(-Instruments)


Am currently flipping a cut up old acoustic guitar piece which is recorded with the bass part on one channel and the guitar part on the other and like to have an easy way to divide the batch of stereo samples in 2. Would this be possible to script?

I’m not asking to convert the stereo files to mono, there already is a tool for this, I want the left and right channel separated and saved to different instruments. Maybe have the current stereo instrument become the left channel, and insert the right channel underneath it in the instrument list?

Or an option would be to have the split mono channels available in the sample list in the ‘instrument settings’ tab?

Whatever would be the easiest and smartest to implement!

Would ease up a lot of work on this particular track, but I can imagine it being useful for others too in the future :D

I could have split the complete recording in the beginning myself, didn’t think of it doh…, but then I had to double the slicing/cut preparation work for both channels anyway. Now the sample cutting is done, but I’d like to split the samples and as this will take ages doing manually thought I’d ask here! :guitar:


The convert stereo to mono tool already splits to separate instruments.
Would you then desire to have the output being mono or the channel doubled to stereo?
I mean it is fairly easy for me to add a menu link that copies each channel to a designated instrument, it simply then does the mono copy for left to a new instrument and and then copy the right channel to a new instrument with the current mono converter. It only saves you one extra pair of clicks.

What the heck:Updated converter tool with a split option.

You da man! Thanks :yeah: