Tool Idea: Time Signature edit

One thing that I’ve always felt about Renoise, is that it’s not very intuitive when dealing with time signatures. So I had an idea for a tool to where it would change the pattern and metronome based on what you input into the tool. So lets say I want to change to 7/4. I could tell the tool:

Time Signature: 7/4
LPB: 8
Bars: 4

So based on this it would automatically determine the pattern length needed based on what you put into the tool. So then, it would automatically calculate based on this that set of properties that you are going to need 224 Lines to achieve this and set the pattern and metronome accordingly. I feel like this would be really useful! It would save a lot of time! You wouldn’t have to calculate the needed pattern length AND automatically reset the metronome for you. For me this would be really useful.

Now I don’t know anything about programming. However, I feel like having a small goal in Renoise can help me to start getting my head around Lua. Would this idea even be possible? How would I go about achieving it? Where would I even start!? I really want to make this happen because for me, it would make my life a hell of a lot easier. :P/>

Bantai wrote a tempotap tool in the past, where you could tap your rythm in and it did at least adapted the BPM for you. With some adjustments, the other options could easily be added…

hi! i asked for a tool like this in #renoise a while back… mxb made it for me.

here it is

Thanks so much! This is EXACTLY what I was talking about!! To a T!! This is really fantastic. I think this should be added to the Tools section. Is it up there? I think it should be. It works great in Renoise 3, so I think it should be added. I think a lot more people would use then you’d imagine!!

Thanks so much for the link! I will cherish it!! lol

Also check out this tool ‘Time Sig Bender’;

it was made during Renoise 2.7 days, but maybe it auto-updates correctly in 3.0? I’ve manually updated the manifest in the script and it works here :) . Great tool for experimentation with immediate Autechre like groove results.

I think Kmaki should publish it on the tool page.

I’m afraid mxb is not supporting this tool any longer :(

sadly MXB’s tool doesn’t work anymore.
i’d love to see this tool updated for the current version of renoise !