Tool idea: Tracked automation control (pitch to automation)

In short: A pitch to envelope converter.

We currently have three (?) ways of controlling DSP parameters:

  1. LFO/meta

  2. Automation envelope

  3. Setting values in pattern

I imagine a tool for generating an automation envelope based on the instrument/sample effects that we are already so familiar with. Dxx will be sliding the value down, Vxx is “vibrating” the envelope, Gxx would glide from one value to another et c. Even arpeggio could be interpreted this way.

The shortcut could be called: “Generate automation from track data”. What we would have expected as a pitch change will instead get interpreted/converted to an automation envelope.

Some details about implementation:

  • I imagine you would have to define the destination parameter at the start of the track.

  • I imagine you would have to define a note range at the start of the track. All “pitch” movements will scale to this range. And you can even insert notes that will make the envelope jump to their corresponding values.

  • Supporting multiple effect columns. E g slide down while making a vibrato (sine). Or add one fast small sine to a big slow (carrier).

Any takers? :slight_smile: