Tool Idea: Visual mixer,

I use this mixer, what MPL made for Reaper. Its really awesome.

Maybe someone can write something like this for Renoise.


That’s really neat! I’d also love to have something like that in Renoise.

The current Renoise API does not allow certain features necessary to cover this type of tools. For example, as far as I know, the “real-time” post volume (or post panning) level of each track is not available (so it is not possible to create audio waveforms using tiny bars).

Creating a surface (Panning and Volume) and linking the boxes to the volume and panning levels is possible.

If you guys want more powerful tools, kindly ask Eduard Müller to drastically improve the Renoise API for this sort of thing, especially for “more graphical power” with the treatment of specific objects and access to relevant real-time values, like individual track volume…


Isn’t this in protoplug, a vst plugin which runs lua scripts which also works in Renoise;

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At a glance, I think that this would not work for what the OP suggested. Protoplug would need access to the Renoise API to accomplish a type of visual mixer, in the same way Max4Live needs access to the Live API, and even then, it would still not be entirely possible for the reasons @Raul mentioned. In addition, the usage of Protoplug would be overkill: if, as I believe, it would need the Renoise API to accomplish this, why not just use the Renoise API directly? Hehe.

On a side note, Protoplug looks awesome!

Lastly, this would be such a cool thing to have, that I would rally around, and vote on this being a native feature and not a Lua tool, because it would be very disappointing if something like this existed and was then abandoned by the original developers (which is a significant downside of DAWs with API: “we won’t do it, so you do it…”)