[tool idea] .xm, .mod instrument to track ordering tool

For a few projects I’m remixing old .mods & .xm’s, problem with some of the old tracks is that sampled instruments are used all over the place. The first 8 patterns might have a drum section on track one, followed by 4 patterns of bass sounds, succeeded by random other stuff. Makes it hard to add track fx as the residing sounds continually change, automating active/bypass toggles of dsp sets gets tedious quickly.

The fact that we can add Sample fx chains in the instrument editor is a welcome improvement in the case of remixing the old mods, but also not ideal as the same instruments are often used across multiple tracks, causing audio dropouts/weird stuff when using vst.

It would be great if there was a way to order, collect instruments in a destination track and thus create a better overview, similarly like the ‘Split Into Separate Tracks’ tool (http://www.renoise.com/tools/split-into-separate-tracks), but now be able to define which different instruments belong to each other in a track. You set up the belonging instruments in the tool gui, set a destination track and after running the tool, all set instruments will be collected in the track for all patterns in a song. If the same instruments are placed on the same pattern-line across multiple tracks (chords), these instruments will be collected in the destination track and spread across columns.

Probably to user specific of a wish :slight_smile: , but maybe others can see use of this as well?

There are a ton of old modules and .xm’s to be found on the interwebs, great for learning tracking structure (ripping ideas ;)), this tool would aid in creating a better overview through collecting instruments in set tracks, making it easier for remix purposes.