Tool Quarantine Not Working Correctly ?

Hi there,

when clicking on quarantine one can read:
“This page lists pending Tools. New and updated Tools have to be verified and published by a Tool Moderator before they can be accessed. A Tool will be bumped back into the Quarantine whenever its attached XRNX file is changed.

In my case every change, means text / info etc. causes a movement to quarantine.
Is that correct ?

Yep, it seems to be that way at the moment. We’ll probably fix this in the future, but for now this is just the way it works.

It’s usually me who approves the tools, btw. Sorry for any delays there, but when there are several updates in a short period of time, I can occasionally miss one of them, or I have simply gone to bed already :)

Generally speaking, I think it’s best if developers post their new tools to the forum first. That way the tool can be tested by the community for a little while, just to weed out the first few bugs that inevitably exist. It also gives you, the developer, a chance to get all the descriptive text and documentation finalised, fix any typos, etc. After a couple of weeks of forum activity when everything seem to be ok, you can finally post the official version to the tools site.

ok thanks for the info dBlue. Regarding the beta-testing stage: actually this is a good idea, I’ve never seen it from the testing perspective. For me the forum was primarily there to exchange infos about active projects. I will post my next tool there, but very small tools I’ll update directly (like e.g. FullStop).

BTW: I’ve a little feature request for the tool browsing page: the short description is IMO a bit short. Could this be extended for another line ?