Tool Request: Rotary FX Controls

I did a little research to see if I could make this, but I’m no programmer and I immediately felt like I was in over my head. Has anyone made or can anyone create a tool that displays FX parameters and Vol. Delay and Panning as Renoise Rotary Knobs? Basically this tool: but including FX commands.

Maybe something already exists but I’ve searched and couldn’t find anything.

Hi luis, how are you?

All this is somehow integrated into the Piano Roll Editor tool, but using sliding bars. For FX commands it have a dedicated module, more detailed:

Have you used it?

Maybe you are looking for only rotating wheels (a compact tool). The V-P-D section is easy to integrate, but the FX parameters are a bit more laborious.

This tool is also approximate (exclusive for Arturia controllers):

The code is there. It is possible to have it as a reference or query to build another tool.

For fun I built a related prototype, but with custom color slide bars:

All these tools have a “deficiency”: It is difficult to integrate all the effect parameters, what they have to do with automation. But the main effect parameters can be implemented.

It involves always dealing with 2 parameters separately:

  1. The effect value
  2. and its amount.
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Thanks for this. I have your piano roll and did notice the sliders. They’re very helpful but I was looking for something similar for the FX parameters. Since you said they’re more laborious, I imagine that’s why no one’s created controls for them. Sliders would work but I think something more compact like the radial dials would be better. Like this:

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Ah ok, I see. That implies 3 wheels for VPD and at least 30 for all other FX parameters.

Each rotary would show the amount of the effect. “Something” is necessary to change the effect parameter. With 30 rotary, if you change the amount of one rotary, you cancel the parameter of another rotary.

The tool window would not be very compact.

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Not compact again, but another tool I did integrates FX commands in a step sequencer. You choose the target effect in the bottom row of buttons:

Might be of use.


This tool is amazing! It’s exactly what I was looking for and more. Where can I follow for updates?

If you post in the tool’s thread and have your forum notifications on, you should get a message when you log on and the thread has any new posts (emails are possible with forum notifications too).

I bump any tool threads when a tool is updated.

Edit: if not posting in the thread you should just be able to set it to ‘watching’ with button at the bottom of thread