Tool Revision quircks causing problems with the tool updater.

Then i don’t have any idea where it comes from.
I know some tools i had in the My_tools folder and in the tools parent and i sometimes changed the version number to see if the updater was working. But i had an older version in the tools parent so i noticed two copies that were aimed for being updated.

In other words it was vV’s fault :D

Why are only Moderators able to create revisions?
Or you mean by the “were” that this is also a past thing now?

the description of the revision field seemed pretty clear to me:
“An explanation of the additions or updates being made to help other authors understand your motivations.”

I didn’t knew i had to interpret it as “spamming existing users with loads of duplicate entries in the updater tool” :P

That is not the association i made with it. I made it pure related to the file, not to the page.
Then i shall leave the revision info alone as it has no use for me in any other matter than just providing some more detailed logging for those interested.