Tool: Sample Morpher (2.7)

Tool page.

FastTracker2 had this nice tool, does anyone remember?

This script lets you select two samples and morph the first one into the other by creating an user definable number of intermediate samples.
The size of the resulting samples will be the same of the first source sample.

An entry into “Sample Editor => Process” menu and a related keybinding will be added to call this tool.

It also work by mixing mono into stereo, stereo into mono and stereo into stereo samples

cheers m8, been lusting after something like this in my head for some time…grateful.

dunno, how u find the time and energy to make amazing music, work a proper job, work 4 renoise and code phat-ass tools.

If u were ever in London, would be sure to buy u a pint or 2. :yeah:

really cool, will check this out! thanks a lot!

thanks for your kind words, Tarek! Actually this tool took me about 4 hours to complete. I had the idea about it immediately after waking up on thursday, then the night, after my weekly basketball match, I made the skeleton of it, and this evening I completed it. The hardest part is always making the GUI and the pictures for the tool web page :)

oh and I forgot to play table tennis because of this tool :)

the idea I had on thursday is actually a bit more complex than a morpher. It should be feasible and I hope I will find the right inspiration in order to code it soon. for me coding is based on inspiration as it is for music and writing. These days I’m not very inspired with music so I have put energy into sports and coding.

I hope my tool will inspire people to make some good music, so come on!

OMG M8, U play B-Ball(duh, says so in ur sig)!

I was born and raised in B-Ball town: The Bronx, NYC…so I am a die-hard Knicks fan(unfortunately).

Most of my family lives in Spain and I have been surprised to find out that B-ball is taken quite seriously there…now I am also surprised that u guys play in Italy…but I guess it is played throughout Europe.

Its gr8 that u r into sports, esp if u spend lots of time in front of a computer(which I imagine u do)…seriously I think exercise is really underatted amongst us computer musicians…its something I plan to integrate into my life in the near future.

Oh boy, gonna start fantasizing over ur original idea and pray the gods inspire u to code it!

Cheers again and hope u have a gr8 nite! :walkman:

Really nice! :)
Thanks a lot!

Cool stuff!

Can you share something on the technicalities of the morphing, are you ‘simply’ interpolating between samples like a crossfade/mixpaste and/or is there something else going on?

the interpolation is quite simple: the two sources are multiplied by a weight (0.x for source #1 and 1.0 - 0.x for source #2); the weight is calculated basing on the number of intermediate samples, taking in count the different size of the source samples.

if you have ideas for a different behaviour, don’t heasitate to suggest

Add some phase-vocoding processing (sox?) and interleave the analysis windows obtained from the spectral analysis of 2 sounds, then resynthesize :wink: .

updated to v1.1, now works on 2.7 too

after using it and making a new song(file)…

thanks for reporting. fixed in v.1.11

Thank you for this, it-alien.