Tool: Sustain Instrument

This quickly sets instrument envelope properties so the instrument plays indefinitely when it is triggered. It’s the same as setting volume envelope to full and changing release to 0.
I often set this option for drums and thought it’d be useful as a script. Saves around 2 or 3 mouse button presses…
Apply it by right-clicking on the instrument at the top right and selecting the new menu entry

2861 SustainInstrument_1.0_(2.8).xrnx

basically it turns this
3386 Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.26.17 AM.png
into this… with one click
3387 Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.26.28 AM.png

Attach it to a midi control device using IT-Aliens livelooper trick and then attach the footpedal Midi CC to it.
The highly desired sustain support for instruments.(But i guess most desire sustain per sample)

vV, I don’t quite understand.

I would just like to state that this tool is awesome. All it needs is a keyboard shortcut.

IT-Alien created a tool that allowed you to change the sample loop nodes using MIDI CC commands.
I’m not quite sure where to locate it, it is quite an old tool.
But in short:You can allow your tool to listen to incoming MIDI CC messages and make it respond if it receives a particular one with a particular value.

I didn’t understand vV either at first but he probably meant the idea of having a midi foot pedal switch the envelope off or on or on or off or on.

As to be suspected, this doesn’t work in 3.0, after manually adjusting the api version to 4, running it on a sampled instrument gives;

Could this one please be updated? :yeah:

in which way this tool is better than saving a preset for the envelope and recall it when you need it?

Time is money.

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edit: lol

Of course it is everything with one push of a button. Including colour themes :P

For anyone checking this out now the one-shot and mute group features in Renoise 3.0 makes this tool largely unnecessary.