Tool to find missing plugins?

Hey! I booted up some old tracks in Renoise today and am faced with the inevitable missing plugins.

Is there a tool which will seek out the official download page for missing plugins?

Or something which can search my computer for them automatically?

Yes, I’m super lazy now!


This might have some useful info: Renoise 3.4 does not load a VST that worked in 3.2, 3.3 - #12 by James_Britt

Basically, if I understand it right, Renoise will track plugins that failed to load and stop showing error messages about them. When I deleted CachedFailedVSTs_x64.db (and the other related db files with similar names) and then re-opened Renoise I again saw messages about what was failing.

If you grab a tool for browsing SQLite databases you can open the files and see the list of VSTs and their paths

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–nevermind what I typed here was not true–

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Hmm, interesting - thanks for your help!