Tool to Resize Patterns to Notes Played?

Ok, bad title, can’t really think how to frame it. Question:

Is there a tool that will resize patterns as you play, to make them longer if you keep hitting notes past the original length, rather than wrapping round to the start. A bit like how the MPC 1000 operates with JJOS, it will just keep extending the pattern length as long as record is engaged. Most other sequencers allow arbitrary clip or pattern lengths based on how long you play…

I know i know this isn’t the tracker way, but that’s what Renoise tools are forrr!!

Noodletrap is a tool which comes pretty close to this. But instead of recording into patterns, it is using phrases.

You can specify different conditions for when to start/stop recording. Even, how to prepare for the next recording.

Thanks danoise.

I have that tool installed but haven’t really been able to get my head around it.

Maybe i can cannibalise some of it to work in the pattern editor, hmmm…