Tool Updater broken?

The Tool Updater always wants to update, even if the newest version is already installed.

To reproduce, download any of my tools ( or, install it, and run the tool update. It will tell you that a new version (the one you just installed) is available. This message does not go away, even if you update again via the updater.

What is going on there? Am I doing something wrong in my tools?

Also, the tool updater, as well as the tool page urgently need to be aware of CPU architecture! I downloaded LiveDive for 64bit and the updater constantly tells me that there is a newer version avaialbe (the 32bit edition of the same version). Downloading this, however, breaks the tool, as expected.

I think the problem with the updater is related to the fact that your tool has been auto-upgraded.

You can check your tool’s manifest.xml for the following line:


Whenever you’re preparing a new version of the tool, you should remove the AutoUpgraded flag before officially publishing your tool, and ensure that you’ve really changed to a new version number that the tools repo can keep track of. (And obviously take care to ensure that everything is truly compatible with the new version of Renoise and the Lua API)

Try to edit your tool manifest, remove the AutoUpgraded flag, then re-upload the clean version.

It’s probably also a good idea to completely remove any existing/old versions of the tool that you have stored locally.

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Thanks for the explanation dblue! I update the tools once again and it seems to work now.

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Upon the release of Renoise 3.3 a few tools are showing this same behavior. I found the issue to be with the API Version still being set to “6”. I changed it to “6.1” for all tools that incorrectly reported new updates being available, and that fixed the issue :slight_smile:

For anyone who wants to know how to do this, simply:

  1. In Renoise, click Help/Show the Preferences Folder... then browse into Scripts/Tools.
  2. Open the folder for the tool behaving incorrectly (taking the Rubber Band-Aid tool as an example, its folder name is com.dlt.RubberBandAid.xrnx)
  3. Open the manifest.xml file in that folder using a text editor
  4. Change <ApiVersion>6</ApiVersion> to <ApiVersion>6.1</ApiVersion>

If you try running the Help/Find Tool Updates... command now, that tool should stop triggering this behavior! :slight_smile:

Update! The issue is not with the API version being incorrect. The problem is that when running Tool Updater in Renoise 3.3, it is fetching updates for Renoise 3.2 tools in some cases. My guess is this is based on the file name of the xrnx file. If you upload a tool for Renoise 3.2 and 3.3, and they both have the same tool Version, you end up with two files of the same name (like “com.yourname.Tool V1.2.3.xrnx”), and’s Tool Submission system has to rename one of them (to something like “com.yourname.Tool V1.2.3_0.xrnx”). I believe it is these types of file names that could be confusing the Tool Updater, and causing it to grab the Renoise 3.2 versions of tools in some cases where a 3.3 version actually exists.

Tools that don’t even have a 3.3 version yet are triggering it as well though, which I think could be coming from the API version being still set to 6 instead of 6.1 after AutoUpgrading. I don’t completely understand it, but these behaviors should be fixed I hope soon.On that same note, I would also like to mention that needs to be updated to reflect the new Renoise/Redux versions :+1:

Yup. Indeed. It ignored the minor part of the new API version, 6.1 and return 6.0 tools instead. This is now fixed.

I’ve also bumped your 3.3 tool’s version to 2.82 to make clear that it’s a different version.

Thanks. This is now fixed as well.


Sweet!! Thank you @taktik! I’ll be testing this out soon to verify no issues! :slight_smile:

I’m getting this error from the tool updater in Renoise 3.3 (3.2 & 3.1 work fine)… is this just me?
tool updater error
If it is just me, I wonder if I messed up something looking through the Tool Updater main.lua. In which case, I would ask if there is a way to repair Tool Updater?

Hm, it seems to be working now. I did delete what seemed to be a duplicate installation of Tool Updater. Maybe that’s what caused it :open_mouth:

In any case, Tool Updater is grabbing Renoise 3.3/API V6.1 tools correctly now! Thank you @taktik :slight_smile: I didn’t expect such a quick reply and solution to the issue :smiley: