[Toolrequest] Like the good old Amiga days; Seek Loop

is this scriptable? would be awesome!

I think it was scripted, check the tools forum.

Ah… Audiomaster … those were the days :slight_smile:

Here’s a bit of quick trivia for anyone who is interested in the older school of music computing :slight_smile:

First of all I’ll just point out that there was no voodoo employed in Audiomaster for seeking out loop points based on my observations. Shame, but it is nice to think that there was :slight_smile:

Slightly interesting is the two different ways between the Renoise ‘snap to crossing’ option and Audiomaster ‘seek to zero’. The way in which Audiomaster works is that it takes the current loop marker that is selected (either the start or end marker, it doesn’t make any difference) and it scans the sample backwards from that loop marker point until it reaches a sample that is very very close (or zero) to the 0 (digital silence) line. The tolerance is fixed in the program. (Audiomaster I think is set to accept sample values -2,-1,0,1 and 2 (remember 8-bit signed sample data.)) As soon as it finds those samples very very close to 0 (or 0) it sets the loop marker to that sample point. If it reaches the start of the sample without finding any close samples (or 0) it displays a requester saying that no zero point was found.

Just to end with a graphic, taking a silly drawn sample:

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I’ve marked in red the points where Renoise would snap your loop start/end marker, and in blue is possible points where Audiomaster would put your loop marker (as you keep clicking ‘seek to zero’).

(Do keep in mind that the above is a crude diagram. The tolerance to the 0 line would be much closer for instance on those row of blue dots. I’ve taken liberty for clarity.)

Is it it?